The unique "Trio Pac" was designed to hold the Aero Chamber, asthma inhaler and an Epipen® and or Twinject® safely and securely all in one. This is the ideal carrying case for people with multiple allergies, helping to keep all vital medication and equipment readily available all the time.

Allergy Pack: Chamber Pac Plus


Allergy Pack: Asthma Links
Allergy Pack: Anaphlaxis Links


  • Ultra-Light, compact, convenient carrying case designed for easy access to asthma and anaphylaxis medication.

  • The Chamber, inhaler and Epipen® have their own separate pouches to keep them secure and clean.

  • Highly visible ALLERGYPACK logo for easy identification

  • Equipped with sturdy clip-on plastic detachable hook – attaches to backpacks, handbags, courier & school bags, belts & belt loops.

  • Featuring two detachable Velcro straps for attaching to bicycles, baby strollers & golf carts, etc.

  • Both the case and detachable belt are made of soft, black neoprene ( latex- free) material .

Allergy Pack: Chamber Pac Plus

6 ½” Length
4 ½” wide
2” thick
Includes Chamber, Inhaler & Epipen®Pouches.

Standard belt - fits child to size 42 adult - can be cut to length as desired

Combined Price $35.95