Unique carrying cases for people who suffer from anaphylaxis type allergies and asthma

The Ultimate EpiPen® Case by Allergypack™

Allergypack™ has uniquely designed EpiPen® and/or Twinject® carrying cases to assist in improving the quality of life for those who suffer anaphylaxis reactions due to food allergies, peanut allergy and bee sting or insect allergies. We have three lines of product made to keep you and your loved ones prepared in case of an allergic reaction: Chamber Pac line, Penpal line, Epipen pouch line, and our Allercase line.

Our line of EpiPen® and Twinject® cases includes:

Pen Pal: A holder for one EpiPen(R) or Twinject(R) for allergy sufferers at risk to anaphylaxis.   

Pen Pal
Highly durable, foam-padded case for safe and easy carrying of one emergency Epipen® and/or Twinject® auto injector 
Pen Pal 2: A carrier for two EpiPens(R) For people with food or insect sting allergies susceptible to anaphylactic shock   

Pen Pal 2
A versatile and secure case for safe and easy carrying of two emergency Epipen® and/or Twinject® auto-injectors.
Pen Pal Combo: A case that holds two EpiPens(R) and asthma inhaler for people with asthma and food or insect sting allergies at risk for anaphylaxis.

Pen Pal Combo
A versatile and secure case for safe and easy carrying of two emergency Epipen® and/or Twinject® auto-injectors and an asthma inhaler.
Pen & Pouch: Carrying case holding one EpiPen(R) or Twinject(R) and asthma inhaler for people with multiple allergies. 

Pen and Pouch
Highly durable foam padded case for easy carrying of one auto injector Epipen® or Twinject® type syringe and asthma inhaler.
Chamber Pac: An asthma carrying case that holds an Aero Chamber and asthma bronchial inhale.

Chamber Pac
A compact, durable and convenient case for the safe and easy carrying of an asthma inhaler and an Aero Chamber. (Chamber and inhaler not included)
Chamber Pac Plus: A carrier for suffers of severe asthma, holds asthma inhale and Aero Chamber plus EpiPen(R) in case of asthma induced anaphylaxis.

Chamber Pac Plus
The versatile Trio Pac securely holds an asthma inhaler and Aero Chamber with an , Epipen® and/or Twinject®. (Chamber and inhaler not included)
Allercase: A holder for an asthma inhaler or antihistamine medication.

A versatile carrying case which securely holds an asthma inhaler plus anti-histamine medication.
Puffer Pack: Asthma inhaler carrier for joggers & sports.

Puffer Pack
A one piece waist pack to carry an asthma inhaler.

All cases include a Hook, Neoprene Belt and Velcro Holding Straps.

The Allergypack™ carrying cases offer instant access to your EpiPen® orTwinject® antidote allergy medication required in case of anaphylactic shock or allergy crisis. You and your family members can now have the epinephrine medication securely, comfortably and readily available all day.

The Pen Pal original EpiPen® case, Pen Pal 2 EpiPen® case, and Pen Pal Combo are the ultimate EpiPen® cases, designed to hold one or two EpiPen® and/or Twinject® epinephrine auto injectors. Our Pen Pal EpiPen® cases provide safety and convenience for children and adults who suffer from life threatening anaphylaxis and severe asthma and who must carry their Epipen® and/or Twinject® with them at all times.

The Allercase, Puffer Pack Sports, Chamber Pac and Chamber Pac Plus are four versatile and multipurpose carrying cases especially designed to hold an Aero Chamber Spacer, asthma inhaler, EpiPen® plus antihistamine tablets securely, safely and ready for instant use. These carrying cases are ideal for exercise, sports, and all outdoor activities.

In the event of anaphylaxis every second counts. Having your medication in an EpiPen® case close at hand can make all the difference. Anaphylaxis can be fatal within minutes if left untreated. Therefore, being prepared for an anaphylactic emergency means having your medication in an EpiPen® case ready for use at all times.

People living with severe allergies must be prepared and ready to administer their medication at all times and in any place. Being prepared means having instant access to your auto injector in a specifically designed carrying case by Allergypack™. According to the EpiPen® manufacturer, the quicker anaphylaxis is treated the better the chances of surviving. This means you should be able to access the EpiPen® and/or Twinject® within seconds and in order to do this the auto-injector must be readily available in your EpiPen® case.

Have your epinephrine and other allergy medicines readily available for use in a specially designed carrying case by Allergypack™. For more information, contact us.